COC Fashion School, Lekki

It”s been a long time coming, lots of people asking. . . “Do you teach how to make these awesome pieces?” Can you show me everything you know??  How do i become a huge fashion designer?? I’m too busy at work, can i still learn how to sew? where can i?? I believe i got what it takes but i’m so afraid to launch out, what if people don’t like my work???”

Questions! Questions!! Questions!!!

Some long term clients turned friends, Some admirers of our works and a lot of referred beautiful people.

Well, we heard (as we always put the needs of our clients first), we considered, now we have designed for you, our very own fashion school that can answer all your questions while training you in all we know.

It’s exclusive, detailed, comfy and so flexible…

Details about our major courses coming up in a bit and i’m so so excited about our school as i’ve always loved imparting knowledge to any willing individual…

Stick around for more details, itzzz awesomeness!!!. . .

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