Switch Collection | by CFS Students

It was barely the third month into one of our batches for the 6 months Womens Wear programme and we were just about to get into drafting some really complicated patterns. .

To spice up the learning process, we thought to take a break from pattern drafting and engage the batch in a fun runway project.

This was simply a means to encourage the class, and let them see how much they had already achieved in little time.

COC Fashion School



They were asked to create a functional collection. . Any theme they desire, any colour scheme, whatever designs they choose but it had to be garments they could make by themselves. . .

The catch? They were to showcase the collection to a live audience at the Africa Fashion and Beauty Expo at Bespoke Centre Lagos on the 30th of July 2016. .

coc fashion school


They were pretty excited, they loved the challenge and that was all we needed to make the project a reality.

They got to work!!! In the midst of it all, we caught them unawares, took some pictures and this is a view of what went down. .

(.Some of the photos are a bit dark but. . . at least you get to see everything raw and unedited…)

The Production Process:

coc fashion school


Let’s go backstage!!!

[Back Stage was crazy, so rowdy with no space for pictures. . . However, we still got some for you *wink:]


coc fashion school


coc fashion school

coc fashion school


Now the collection in detail. . .

. . .Unveiling SWITCH collection. .
An inception from 4 amazing designers in training. . . The pieces are characterized by Rectangular and A-line silhouettes with a combination of Ocean Tones, flashes of Red, Handmade Fringe detailing and more.
SWITCH. . . is specially crafted for the easy going mordern lady that loves to unwind, relax and switch to a more fun filled evening after the day’s work.
EXPLORE the fabulousness of  “SWITCH by COC Fashion School Undergrads!!!”


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