Fashion School Courses

Our training programmes are vast with sub courses that make them up. Please click on programme of interest to view the curriculum, duration and prices.

Our Programmes Include:

  1. Fashion Illustration
  2. Women’s Wear – Beginner Short Course
  3. Womens’ Wear
  4. Mens’ Wear
  5. Suits’ Major – Women
  6. Suits’ Major – Men
  7. Bridal Major
  8. Swimwear & Lingerie Major
  9. Hats & Fascinators
  10. Fabric Accessories – Intermediary
  11. Fabric Accessories – Advance


. . .To download our price list, click here



Colours of C.U.E Fashion School

4 thoughts on “Courses

  1. Really nice, would love to register with you because I have actually been looking out for a nearby fashion house nit too far from my ofdice that i can train with. But no indication of course duration and costs. Thank you


    • Hi Lami, We’ll be glad to have you register. . . Please click on the course that appeals to you for more details, full curriculum, duration and much more. .

      Please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistance


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