Women’s Wear Training

coc fashion school

  • Course: Women’s Wear
  • Duration: 6 months minimum
  • Weekdays: Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays | Time: 11am – 2pm  or  2:30pm – 6pm (Call in to Confirm Available Batch)
  • Price: N200,000 (without tools) | N260,000 (with tools – tools include a sewing kit, table top sewing machine & mannequin)



  • Fundamentals
  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Gowns & Jumpsuits
  • Launch-Out Project
  • Exhibition, Graduation & Certification


1-) FUNDAMENTALS : 3-4 weeks

  • Introduction to Fashion Design
  • Fashion Terms, Definition & Application
  • Design Phases
  • Principles of Design
  • Elements of Design
  • Colour Theory & Colour Combination
  • Fabric Combination & Pattern Flow
  • Intro to sketching, fashion illustration & collage
  • Creating a Collection
  • Measuring Methods
  • Standard body measurements & country sizes
  • Deriving Bra Sizes
  • Hand Stitching techniques – Functional stitches & Design Stitches
  • Intro to pattern blocking
  • Focus garments – Band/Belt, Waist Slip, Flair Skirt, Apron
  • Introduction to the sewing machine. Parts, Functions, Care
  • Learning to use the sewing machine
  • Maintenance and Servicing a Sewing machine.
  • Sewing Straight lines, Curves, Shapes, Letters, etc
  • Single line sewing, double line sewing, etc
  • Seams – Types, Uses & Application
  • Tailoring Essentials – Folding, Looping, Piping, etc
  • Project: Conceive & Develop a Collection (specified case study will be given to each student)
  • Recess

Course Duration: 3-4months (About 12 classes)


Student's Collage

Student’s Collage

Student's work

Student’s work


2-) TOPS : 6 weeks

  • Elastic Top/Dress
  • Shift Top
  • Batwing Top
  • Iro & Buba
  • Cowl Neck top
  • Drafting a Bustier Pattern
  • Off-shoulder, Spaghetti Strap, Halter Neck & Monostrap top from bustier
  • Drafting a basic bodice pattern
  • Tank top
  • Hood Top
  • Crop
  • Peplum
  • Shirts
  • Bolero
  • Tuxedo
  • Blazer
  • Collection Project

Course Duration: 5-6 weeks minimum (15-18 classes)



A day at COC Fashion School


3-) BOTTOMS : 4 weeks

  • Pleated Flair Skirt
  • Circle SkirT
  • Ball Skirt
  • Pencil Skirt
  • Straight Skirt
  • A-line Skirt
  • Wrap Skirt
  • Peplum Skirt (using bias & pleats)
  • Mermaid Skirt (umbrella method)
  • 4 pieces skirt
  • 6 pieces skirt
  • 8 pieces skirt
  • Shorts
  • Pallazos
  • Tailored Pants
  • Collection Project

Course duration: 4 weeks (12 classes)

coc fashion school

4-) GOWNS & JUMPSUITS : 6 weeks

  • A-line summer dress
  • Assymetrical Halter Dress
  • Pencil Dress
  • Peplum Dress
  • Shirt Dress
  • Mermaid Dresses
  • Playsuits
  • Jumpsuits
  • Victorian Ball Gowns
  • Review, Revisions, Finishing Touches


5-) PROJECT MONTH : 4 – 8 weeks

  • Receive Project Topic – (project will be exhibited)
  • Create & Develop your exhibition/project collection
  • Pitch & Defend project
  • COC Exhibition/Fashion Show – (Showcasing your project collection)
  • Certification & Graduation

Colours of Cue






A day in COC Fashion School

It’s a training day today and as usual, we are having a lot of fun sharing ideas, teaching new skills and watching our unique students improve on amazing production methods. .

I thought it a good idea to share my present view in class today . . . Simply beautiful..




A student’s collage work:


. . .soo much more coming. ❤️❤️

colours of cue

COLOURS OF C.U.E @ Africa Fashion Week 2015

Sooo. . . .May 2015 was a really busy month for Colours of C.U.E. There were numerous fittings, media interviews, impromptu styling sessions and a whole whole lot. Amongst everything was the launch of our spring/summer 2015 collection called variance.

The collection was first shown at African Fashion Week Nigeria, it had a lot of custard, monochrome print, thigh high slits and much more. . . Just a few pictures to show you what went down. . .

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COC Fashion School, Lekki

It”s been a long time coming, lots of people asking. . . “Do you teach how to make these awesome pieces?” Can you show me everything you know??  How do i become a huge fashion designer?? I’m too busy at work, can i still learn how to sew? where can i?? I believe i got what it takes but i’m so afraid to launch out, what if people don’t like my work???”

Questions! Questions!! Questions!!!

Some long term clients turned friends, Some admirers of our works and a lot of referred beautiful people.

Well, we heard (as we always put the needs of our clients first), we considered, now we have designed for you, our very own fashion school that can answer all your questions while training you in all we know.

It’s exclusive, detailed, comfy and so flexible…

Details about our major courses coming up in a bit and i’m so so excited about our school as i’ve always loved imparting knowledge to any willing individual…

Stick around for more details, itzzz awesomeness!!!. . .